Fix Your Bottomline

Let me guess.

You’re losing tens of thousand of dollars a year in voluntary terminations. You can’t seem to keep the veteran hires from leaving before their first anniversary, and no one will tell you why.

Let me tell you why you’re losing veterans.

The top 2 reasons veterans leave their new jobs are;

  1. Lack of advancement opportunities: We are not looking to be promoted right away. We want to know the rules of engagement. What does the path to advancement look like? How does one play the game?
  2. Lack of professional development: From the first day of basic training we are showered in professional development. We interrupt the lack of professional development as a sign that you aren’t interested in my growth and upward mobility.

You lose 1/3 of the new hires annual salary when they leave before their first anniversary. This does not include the 1%-2% of lost annual business revenue.

The loss of 1 full-time minimum wage employee equals $5,027.

Not bad?

Now multiply that by 5 lost full-time minimum wage employees. That’s a loss of $25,133.

The loss of a full-time entry level professional being paid $12/hr equals $8,320. Multiply that by 5 lost employees, you’ve lost $41,600.

Let’s look at the full-time mid-level manager making $23.25/hour. Losing 5 would cost you $80,600.

The March Forward Acclimation Program (MFAP) Workshop is the program you need.

The MFAP Workshop teaches veteran new hires and their direct supervisors how to

  1. Earn early wins within the first 90-days of assuming a new role, so they are more productive during their onboarding process.
  2. Learn the culture of the organization quickly, so they become proficient at international and external relationship building, resulting in more engaged teams and happier clients.
  3. Communicate effectively using basic coaching skills, preparing the direct supervisor to be stronger leader.
  4. Create professional development opportunities at the lowest level, so team members are prepared to assume more responsibility sooner in their careers.

By offer new hire veterans and their direct supervisors new skills and support together, you strengthen their relationship, keep them engaged in the onboarding process, alleviate stress and frustration and enhance their leadership skills early.

So how do you participate in the MFAP Workshop.

It’s easy.

Send 2-3 of your human resources or veteran resources group professionals to the

My termination story is why the March Forward Acclimation Program is necessary to your bottomline.

Read what our friends and clients have to say.


Rolande S Sumner is on a mission to help women veterans in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Rolande is kind, full of useful information, and genuinely wants to be of service. I wholeheartedly recommend her group to women veteran entrepreneurs.

Jackeline Johnson, CEO of InDemand Career Development Group

Thank you to my fellow Veteran Rolande S Sumner for helping me clarify a few goals. You coached me right into some actionable items that just needed clarity and boundaries. I appreciate you! You got me where I needed to be by framing up great questions and listening for what was left unsaid! 

Celeste Bethell Purdie

Working with Rolande has been life changing. Her professionalism and compassion is amazing. She has supported me through each step I take.

Elmis Navarro

Before working with Rolande, I was frustrated with no one to really listen and provide objective feedback. After my first few sessions, I learned how to think through the noise in my mind; that I truly knew what I wanted to do. She helped me modify my thinking so I would doubt myself less and instead take action. I learned it was okay to make shifts in the plan and not to feel insecure about it. My time with Rolande resulted in a laid-out plan, peace of mind in the process (journey) and confidence in my decision making.

Amanda Beauchamp

I’ve known Rolande for the past few years; she is a caring, well organized, and creative person. A few months back, I co-organized a dinner for International Women’s Day. Rolande was on the panel along with 3 other women to discuss the struggles and achievements of being a woman in business. She talked about her experiences and gave great advice to the attendees. Rolande is very knowledgeable and inspirational.

Maria Amore

Company A FSC 178 Engineer Battalion South Carolina Army National Guard. I believe we met in 2006. Great NCO, Human Resource Manager and person. Never had issues with payroll, and kept the company informed of any unforeseen issues. We were never left in the dark about anything. If an issue aroused, it was handled quickly. …

Wendell C. Rachel

Rolande’s professionalism and dedication to assisting me in reaching my goals was evident within minutes. With her guidance, I have begun the process of sorting out my dilemma and taking immediate steps toward my desired direction. I am one who understands that even coaches need a coach and I am glad to have Rolande on …

Angelina S.

March Forward Acclimation Program (MFAP)

MFAP Train-The-Trainer Workshop

The March Forward Acclimation Program (MFAP) Train-The-Trainer Workshop teaches human resources and veteran employee resource group professionals how to effectively conduct the MFAP Full-Day Workshop. The course is a 2-day live-virtual training event. Attendees will receive robust training with learning materials, breakouts, and a practical assessment. Successful attendees will walk away with a certificate of completion, digital support, and the knowledge necessary to facilitate the relationship development between the veteran and the direct supervisor.

The Retention Savings Chart below demonstrates the potential savings you can experience if you prevent 5 new hires from leaving prior to their first anniversary. Organizations lose 1/3 of a new hire’s salary when they leave prior to their first anniversary. This does not include the 1%-2% loss from annual revenue.

You can’t afford to not participate in the MFAP Train-The-Trainer Workshop.