Veteran New Hires & Leadership Development

Your company loses tens of thousands every year due to staff attrition.

Those losses add up, and soon enough, you’re losing employees with several years of valuable experience in their area. As you take on new recruits, it takes much more time to train them to be productive and skilled workers capable of replacing those lost veterans. The result? You spend more money than if you would’ve hired veteran workers originally.

That’s why you need Life After Service Transitional Coaching. We offer the tools and training to replace your veteran staff with newly trained staff quickly and cheaply so that the stress on productivity is minimized and you can spend more on other aspects of running your business. Give us a call today for more details!

Business Strategy

Create your startup coaching business with confidence and support.

Veteran Retention

Unlock the key to saving tens of thousands of dollars in women veteran new hire retention.

Leadership Development

Increase motivation levels, boost cognition, improve leadership ability, and improve self-regulation.

LastCo is trusted to help veterans improve their transition from active duty back into the civilian workforce! I’m glad to be a part of the community.

Siobhan Cunningham, CEO of Siobhan DeAnn LLC

The message Rolande brings is vital to having a successful year both physically and mentally. She talks to about respect, adversity, truthfulness, self-help, and dignity among other things. She acknowledges that it not easy; there are challenges daily, and then gives them coping strategies to deal with the situations. Through a message of love, Rolande brings confidence to everyone. Her presentation is high energy and full of crowd participation.

C.B., Confidential Client