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We provide coaching, consulting, training, and course development with a speciality in leadership, professionalism, veteran retention, veteran engagement, and small business startup development.

Our clients benefit from healthier bottomlines, more satisfying professional and personal lifes. Our serves are for you if you are a large organization seeking improved employee performance or an individual seeking an improved personal and or professional life.

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Business Launch Prep School (BLPS) 2020 Graduate Reviews


Business Launch Prep School (BLPS)

BLPS is a faith-based 6-month small business start-up development course specifically for women who want to create purpose-driven service-based businesses.

Leadership and Professional Development

Do you have a promising employee who needs leadership or professional development? Is this effecting their performance and our teams reputation?

MFAP Train-The-Trainer Certification

Are you an apiring entreprenur who wants to start a business, but you have no idea how to start? Are you clueless to how you’ll develop a profitable business concept?

Do not wait another day, because it will be one more day away from achieving your dream. With all that BLPS will give to you, along with your determination, success is inevitable.

LaTorcha Polati

Invest in yourself and the legacy you want to build. BLPS, helps you build the launching pad for your business. It sets you up for success. Sign up

Yeside Davis

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