Honoring our veterans doesn’t begin with candle light vigils at war memorials around the country on Memorial and Veteran’s Days. Honoring our veterans doesn’t start when Old Glory is raised high outside our front door. Honoring our veterans doesn’t stop after the Veteran’s Day parade roll through your city streets.
Each of you honor our veterans on a daily basis. Each of you prove that the sacrifices made by our nation’s warriors are not in vain. Every action you take is an emphasis of the very values we swore to protect. As a nation we value competition, free enterprise and the ability to create the fruits of such things. We value individualism. We value our independence.

Define success on your own terms

The veteran community is honored by your willingness and ability to exercise your right to define your success on your own terms. As women entrepreneurs you choose to utilize the rights that so many in the world are not afforded. The right to define your success on your own terms are one of many freedoms veterans defend. For example there are 155 countries that still impede women from economic opportunities. There are 100 countries that curtail a wife’s ability to get a passport.

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” — Anne Sweeney, Walt Disney

Achieve success by your own rules

Service members defend the entire constitution and the privileges that it affords. The 9th amendment states that there are other rights provided to the people that are not specified in the constitution that should not be impeded. An example is the law that stemmed from the 1966 case of Weeks vs Southern Bell which states that a person could not be denied promotion or higher pay due to their gender.
The amendment that veterans have defended so long has provided a platform for women entrepreneurs to achieve success by your own rules. By achieving success by your own rules you are honoring all of the sacrifices our veterans have made.

Build a life you’re proud to live

The readers of the article are authors, STEM professionals, life coaches and more. The 1 thing you have in common with each other is the desire to develop a life that works for you on your own terms and in your own time. In developing your own businesses, your first determined what you wanted your life to be like and how your business should cater to your desired life style. Despite the trials and tribulations of your entrepreneurial journey you are proud of the life you live and the life you are creating. You are proud of the impression you are making with your children and grandchildren. You can look yourself in the mirror and smile because you took the leap that so many have not and are succeeding.
Though very important, honoring our veterans is more than just candle light vigils at war memorials on Memorial and Veterans Days. Honoring our vets includes defining your success, making your own rules and developing a life your are proud of. What a wonderful way to take advantage of the rights and freedoms afforded to us from the sacrifices of our nations warriors.

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