Ok. So I’m just going to get to the point…. Stop self diagnosing yourself ladies. Please stop. Seriously.

This is why you should stop self-diagnosing yourself is simple.
  1. You’re downplaying the real issues. While serving, if your injury wasn’t related to a major break, bleeding or worse, you’d better suck it up. If you didn’t experience immediate and unstoppable vomiting or diarrhea, you were expected to report to duty. So understandingly, downplaying the real pain became a habit. The VA is not the place to tough it out. The compensation & pension physicians can not access your real mental and physical issues if you are not tell them ALLLLL of your issues. That’s right ALLLLLL.
  2. The problem maybe a bit worse. So it’s possible that if you are downplaying your symptoms, you are overlooking a major condition that needs immediate attention, i.e. PTSD, cancer, MST, etc. We know that untreated or under treated mental health issues and serious physical conditions can become fatal. We all know of someone we served with or were remotely associated with who was a victim of suicide or died of a major health condition. Hon, I don’t want you to be one of them. I want you to live to see another day and to share your life and love with others.
  3. Reduced benefits. If you aren’t properly diagnosed, then you could loose out on needed benefits. This may cost you a job,  your life or money. As veterans we selflessly volunteered to put our lives on the line for our country. We see our service as a regular job. So the idea of loosing our lives, particularly if we are in mental crisis is that scary. Losing a job in the military isn’t common. The military usually will retrain and or reassign you 100 times before the idea of being chaptered out is a consideration. However, if I told you that being self-diagnosing yourself could cause you money via your VA rating, well I have your attention. It’s true ladies. You can not possibility receive the medical attention and money owed to you if you are telling the physician what you think it wrong.
Now listen, you need to be your biggest advocate. You need to understand your body more than anyone else, but you also need to allow the VA to do their job. Allow them to know and fully understand your pain. Allow them to develop a conclusion based off of the x-rays and blood test and whatever else. Now if feel like you are not being well cared for or something was overlooked, then follow the proper procedures to have it corrected. But first, let them diagnose you and give you the proper rating.
Below are resources you may utilize in getting assistance.

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