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When I left the Air Force to be a stay at home mom I thought I was going to find meaning and purpose through my child. Just the way I had found meaning and purpose when I served in the military. But the transition from military to mom wasn’t easy. It was really hard.

I Lost My Purpose

Being a mom always sounded like something that was wonderful. And I guess it is, but not in the way I expected it to be. When I left the military I was worried I would be bored. Staying at home seemed like such a silly thing to do when I had achieved so much. I could do anything, surely being a stay at home mom would be an easy task to master. But boring, well that isn’t what I would describe my first year of motherhood (well any year). But instead I found many challenges and a lack of purpose for myself.

Becoming a mom caused me to lose a part of myself. I started my blog as an outlet to have one thing just for me.

Becoming a mom caused me to lose a part of myself. I started my blog as an outlet to have one thing just for me. And I really thought it was a business. I did a handful of sponsored posts and didn’t see any reason that my blog wouldn’t continue to grow. But what I really had found was a hobby that sometimes had the perks of making money and the more it turned into a hobby and stopped being a business the fewer business opportunities came along. But I have learned so much and am re-adjusting my blog into a business again. One I can take with me wherever I go.

A Business that Travels

My husband is still in the service and I have debated on going back to work. I have a degree in Civil Engineering so there is a lot of potential to find purpose doing daunting projects and possibly making meaningful changes in the world. But starting over every four years didn’t really make sense to me. The best part about staying at home is the flexibility it brings. And flexibility is especially nice with a husband who has shifting hours or trips across the country.
This past year I have been turning my blog/love of writing into a business instead of a hobby. I have narrowed down my voice, taken a handful of courses and started to create products I can sell. Building a following on social media that will stay with me as my husband’s job moves across the country this summer.

Slow Growth Is Growth

Growing a business isn’t an overnight thing. It starts with you taking one step. Then another. You can only do so many things so you find where you need to focus and then do what you can. It is easy to see someone who looks like an overnight success. You just see the success and don’t see the hard work that it took to get to the point that they are today. So just start with one follower and then grow to two. Growth takes time, but you can do it.

Growth takes time, but you can do it.

And the first step it is a big one. It is a step that holds a lot of people back. Step 1 is to actually stop dreaming about your business and start it. Start your blog, etsy shop, or whatever you desire. You won’t ever see growth until you take the first step and get started.

You Can’t Fail

And I guess some people might look at my journey and say her business isn’t a success. Is it where I thought it would be no, but I have also learned a lot and know many of the reasons why. I have learned so much this past year. I don’t see the early years of my business as a failure.
I learned something and took a few steps forward. And even if I haven’t reached as many people as I had hoped. I have started to build my audience. And each day as I write and collaborate my business grows.  And as I continue to learn, grow and collaborate; I can’t wait to see what comes next.
What about you? Do you have a dream to reach people, start a business of your own? Just do it. It may not be perfect, you may have some missteps, but as long as you are moving forward you are making progress.
What business dream do you have? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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