2018 is the year of YES. I resolved in January to say YES more to new opportunities and no to fear. In previous years I said no. A Lot. Not because it was prudent, but because I was afraid. Giving into irrational fear has held me back personally, financially and in my business.

2018 is different. I am saying yes despite the fear. I have been way more open to participant in various activities and organizations that will help me grow as a persona and/or benefit my business. For instance, after saying no for about 6 months, I finally became an ambassador of the Women Veteran Social Justice Network. It’s designed to offer leaders and business owners an opportunity to serve the women veteran community while learning valuable skills and utilizing high value resources to grow your current endeavors. I’ve also joined a kick ass Toastmasters club, Talk of the Town. My desire to be a public speaker requires me to do a few things. First, learn what real public speaking is about and how to do it well. Second, performing as many speeches as possible.

I’ve also said yes to alternative ways to receiving blessings, namely manifestation. I’ve become really spiritual. This has made me much more open to what God has for me and how it comes to me. Looking back I find it so silly how I had to control every aspect of my blessings. All I was doing was cutting my blessings off. In learning how to manifest more blessings, I’ve learning how not to worry about the how. I’m also learning how positive energy will effect everything. The universe (GOD) is conspiring to give me all that I desire. What I am learning to do it ask, believe and receive. There is more that goes into it, but basically it is that simple.

If 2018 is the year of Yes for you, please share what you have done to faciliate this new way of doing things. Share tips on how to stay on track.

Share your thoughts!

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