Ok, so here it is. I’m a self protest social media stalker. I like to snoop on personal profiles, business fan pages, and groups. It gives me a glimpse of who I’m dealing with. I’m intrigued with their businesses, their education, and their hobbies. I learn so much about a business owner and their services from going down the rabbit whole of hyperlinks and comments within posts. Who they serve, what services they provide, why they do what they do, their personal politics and more. I’ve found some pretty cool services and products just by doing a little stalking. Some pretty cool people have found me as well.

So I when I say the following, it’s with love.

By all that is holy…. Please, Please, Please be more stalkable. Seriously!

Listen, this is the thing. On lookers will stalk you until they are comfortable enough to purchase your goods and patron your services. They will read your posts, watch your videos, follow the links down the rabbit whole to learn as much as possible about the person you are and the business you run. So, if you do not complete your profile, set up a business page and add links back to your website and media, onlookers can’t learn about you.

So how do we fix this program?

  1. Complete your profile(s) and add the follow,
    • Clear, high resolution profile picture,
    • Banner that represents the type of business you run or who you are as a person,
    • Fill in as many blanks as possible,
      • Education
      • Work history
      • Favorite Book, etc.
  2. Create a business page and add the following,
    • High resolution logo,
    • Band elements,
      • Colors
      • Images of your avatar
      • Brand symbols
    • Mission statement, Vision, and or Values,
    • Groups,
    • Website,
    • Images of avatar,
    • Other business information, etc.
  3. Link your business page to your personal profile.
  4. Post regularly and use the following to help share and automate your posts,
    • Hootsuite
    • IFTT
    • Recurpost
    • Facebook Publishing Tool
    • Mailchimp
  5. Genuinely engage with others

Bottom line, give your onlookers something to look at and learn.


If you have tips that make you more stalkable, post them below.


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