Not to long ago I invited her to “Women Veteran Small Business” closed Facebook Group. I don’t really believe in just putting people in your group without their permission. One of the questions she asked was, “Am I going to get any sales?” “How are you going to support my business?” She was going on about having joined hundreds of groups before and not getting sales. Understandably, she was really frustrated.

So I was very honest with her and I told her I can’t promise that she’ll ever get any sales from “Women Veteran Small Business”, because that’s not what I’m shooting for. My goal was to develop my audience. Sales from the group was a bonus. I understood her frustration. There were plenty of times I felt the same way over the years. I didn’t feel supported if I didn’t get sales from friends, family and colleagues. I had to reframe my thoughts to help me feel better about the whole transactional nature of supporting someone’s business.

Now I feel better. If somebody shares my content with their audience, then I’m excited. Support doesn’t have to include the exchange of products or services for money. I’m happy with sharing my content, liking my post or page. I’m happy with spiritual support, which as a prayer or positive energy sent in my direction. I appreciate words of honestly and encouragement.

So I’m curious. What does support for your business look like to you? Does it include money? Does the person have to be your affiliate or directly purchase from you? Are you happy with intangible support or more satisfied with transactional methods?

Comment below on the types of support you are excited about. There are no wrong answers, just opportunities to learn a new prospective.

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