Isna Tianti is first and foremost a child of The Most High. Secondly, a proud mother of three Behuetiful seeds, a three time published author, multi-talented artist, veteran of the USAF and entrepreneur.

Isna Tianti is a lauded Poet, Spoken Word/Visual Artist, Designer, & Motivational Activist. She has been writing poetry and drawing since the age of five; a print model since the age of 9 and runway model since the age of 19. Isna Tianti has modeled for Proline, African Couture Designer Ahneva Ahneva, Revlon, Cross Colours Clothing Line and was selected as BET’s Poster Girl in 1991. She was also crowned Miss African Times Los Angeles in 1992.

After losing her mother in 1992 in a MVA in which she was the passenger & then another MVA during her military career, Isna suffered with survivors guilt and depression. Yet she pressed in and was determined to beat all odds set against her.

Isna Tianti made it her sole mission to trade in her “runway modeling” for “role modeling” turning her pain to gain. She knows her life was spared to share. One of her favorite quotes from her recently written and released book Quoetically Speaking: “You don’t need LEGS to leave a LEGacy, you just need heart todo your part.”


IG: its_isnatianti

FB: ITS Unlimited /Isna Tianti

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