by Angel Davis, Literary Alchemist, BLPS and EMERGE Student

While going through the Business Launch Prep School and Emerge with Coach Rolande Sumner and Master Coach Airial Re’nal, I’ve learned that my business must be built intuitively. That’s not to say the expertise of my coaches is cast to the side. Quite the contrary, working with them is enhancing my ability to trust my intuition as I go through the process of laying a good foundation to build The Literary Alchemy Boutique. Often during this process, I’ve been asked “How do you feel about this? Does this suggestion feel right for you?” For someone who moves intuitively, quieting myself and having the time to hear my gut is imperative to how I operate in life and, now, in business. Having the right coaches will help anyone to build an intuitive and soulful business with soulful clientele. Attracting and maintain soul clients, a term for ideal client that I learned in BLPS and Emerge, call for an owner who is operating and building the business from the soul.

Describing intuition and intuitive guidance isn’t the easiest take, but I’ll share an easy experience. When deciding what to name my company that would describe what I do, be true to who I am, and draw soul clients, I initially settled on The Literary Project Management House, and I would be the Literary Project Manager. This seemed nice and safe, conveyed the purpose of the business, and would attract those who need someone to guide them from writing to publishing a book. However, it didn’t reflect who I am as a person and what I believe I offer to my clients, nor did it even feel right. I know I am not just a content editor with a fabulous project management team of coaches, marketing experts, graphic artist, and techy masterminds. I’m a Literary Alchemist, and I run the Literary Alchemy Boutique. This name reflects how I see myself and the level of work I produce. I believe in magic, spirituality, and intuitive guidance from various sources. My soul clients will not shy away from the word alchemy because they assume it’s too woo woo. They will understand that alchemy simply means, “ a seemingly magical process of creation.”

Following my intuition and deciding that I’m a literary alchemist felt intrinsic to me. It felt authentic, and it felt like a light began to rise within and come out through my heart. Angel Davis, Literary Alchemist and owner of The Literary Alchemy Boutique, aka “The Lab.” If I’d continued to override my intuition for my head, I’d could be on my way to attracting clients who wouldn’t understand me because I would have been still hiding myself. I could’ve been building a business that would be cloaked in fear and camouflage.

Follow your intuition and guidance from the Universe, God, Ancestors or whatever is authentic and true for you. Remember intuitive and soulful business owners will attract like-minded clients.

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