I remember a few years ago I was in my mother’s front yard complaining about my job and how unhappy I was. I was sharing with her how undervalued I felt and how I desperately wanted to strike out on my own. We had this conversation for months now, and naturally, my mom was sick of it. She stood up and said, 

“Rolande, you know how to start and run a business. You’ve done it before. So maybe God is waiting for you to jump so he can catch you.” 

“He’ll help you start and run your coaching business, but you have to give him the space to do it. Complaining about wanting to do it, and how afraid you are,, won’t cut it. Just jump already.”

I instantly thought she was crazy. I couldn’t make the money math work. I knew my hubby would not hear anything about it. The suggestion just didn’t seem to work out in my head. However, all night I kept feeling the glee of counting down my last days at work and serving my tribe. The next morning at 5:00 AM I popped out of bed and wrote my direct supervisor and his senior leader my letter of resignation and gave my 30 days notice. 

The following 30 days were the lightest and happiest days of my tenure with that company. I did not have a clue what I was going to do once I left, nor was I worried. I just knew that life would be different and truly on my own terms. 

1 week before my last day I landed a sub-contractor position with a large international coaching company. It paid more than my former job and it contributed to my bottom line. Look at God. 

I share this story with you because you are sitting at your desk frustrated, with a deep desire to strike out on your own. I’m telling you that trusting in God to guide you through your journey of creating a business is the right thing to do. 

Your “jump” may not be to leave your steady paycheck and great benefits. Your “jump” may be to just start the process of building your business on the side and until it’s time to make a bigger leap. 

If you want to know how you can start a business and prepare for the big leap, reach out to me. Book a complimentary Business Strategy Session where we can discuss what your deeper desires are and how you can make them a reality. 

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