I didn’t always value my service. It took a client demonstrating how much they didn’t value my service for me to realize it.

I offered a client a ridiculously low rate. They said they couldn’t afford my regular rate and I wanted to be helpful. So I offered them a seriously discounted rate. I got a lot of business from them, however, when it was time to book a more expensive service they started to act funny. First, they didn’t want to discuss the fee at all. Then, they informed me that they were going to pay half the fee we originally agreed upon.

I called them and had a discussion with them.  I lovingly shared my disappointment with their lack of respect and the lack of value they showed me.  They apologized and said they would never make the mistake again.
After being upset and downright hurt, I had to realize that I did it to myself. See you teach people how to treat you. And I taught them to perceive my service as a discounted service. From that moment on, I made a decision to no longer undercut myself again.

If a client isn’t able to pay the rates I have, they can either sign up for a lesser option or can look for another ICF accredited coach and trainer.

My question to you is, what are you teaching your clients?

Have you sent the message that your service is a discount brand, not worthy of paying full price?

Have you failed to set and enforce boundaries?

Below are a few resources to help you along the way.

Business Launch Assessment: Take the Business Launch Assessment and gauge your readiness to service high-ticket clients and get paid.

Women Starting New Coaching Businesses Facebook Group: Group this new FB group and receive live videos, tips, tricks, methods, and more on how to strengthen your new coaching practice and make a good living.

Business Launch Prep School (BLPS): Business Launch Prep School (BLPS) Live is a faith-based 6-month small business start-up development course specifically for women who want to create purpose-driven service-based businesses.

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