One of many questions that come up for new coaches and course creators is, “What bonuses should I offer?” It is customary to offer valuable bonus material to your clients. Generally, bonuses are services or items that require little to no additional time for you to fulfill.

Many people use templates, workbooks, worksheets, and short videos. However, you may not have those additional items created, nor have the time to create them. So here are a few ways to utilize your network and offer amazing bonuses to your high-ticket clients.

  1. Preferred Vendors: Identify complementary services that your clients need, that you don’t offer. For example, my clients will need websites, branding kits, and professional biographies when they start their business. I have friends who specialize in these areas. Because I price my services appropriately, I’m able to develop a preferred vendor relationship with my friends. As a result, I am able to offer my VIP clients (clients who pay in full) paid websites, branding kits, and biographies.
  2. White Label: Purchase information or products (templates, scripts, products, etc.) from businesses that offer white labeling. White labels are items that you purchase from other businesses, which allow you to add your brand label.
  3. Wholesale: Purchase supporting or complementary products at wholesale and provide them as bonus offerings.
  4. Expert Sessions: Invite experts to speak with your clients on topics that matter a great deal to your clients. This offers experts exposure to a new set of leads. It also offers your clients an opportunity to learn something new from an expert.

What other ways are you able to offer your clients great bonuses without the extra work?

Below are a few resources to help you along the way.

Business Launch Assessment: Take the Business Launch Assessment and gauge your readiness to service high-ticket clients and get paid.

Women Starting New Coaching Businesses Facebook Group: Join this new FB group and receive live videos, tips, tricks, methods, and more on how to strengthen your new coaching practice and make a good living.

Business Launch Prep School Podcast: Business Launch Prep School (BLPS) Podcast is a podcast for newly certified coaches interested in creating their own practices. I discuss pricing, mindset, business filing, sales, and more.
Business Launch Prep School (BLPS): Business Launch Prep School (BLPS) Live is a faith-based 6-month small business start-up development course specifically for women who want to create purpose-driven service-based businesses.

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