It’s normal to be excited and even nervous when preparing for a discovery call. To help you feel more comfortable during our meeting, I’ve answered a few frequently asked questions below.

What if I want to enroll, but can’t afford the full payment?

  • Yes, I offer several ways of investing.
  • LASTCo Payment Plan via  and Stripe with a 17% finance rate.
  • PayPal is another option for payment.
  • Flexxbuy loans are designed for credit-challenged applicants. Interest rates will vary.

I have a busy schedule and I’m not sure if I’ll have time?

Time management is a topic that is often discussed during the course. I work with Live and Elite clients to co-create a schedule that provides time to handle life priorities, BLPS curriculum, and self-care time.

  1. BLPS is only 2-3 hours of work per week, which includes group coaching sessions (Live and Elite clients), and curriculum review (all clients).
  2. BLPS lessons are short and to the point. Videos are timed between 3-20 minutes. A workbook and community are also offered for additional support.
  3. BLPS is a 3-month program with 3 versions to fit the needs of every client. All clients receive unlimited access to the curriculum, client-only community, and its updates for the life of the program.
  • BLPS On-Demand – This version provides clients with access to the curriculum and client-only community. This is great for the goal-oriented client, who thrives in a self-paced environment. Opportunities to upgrade to the Live or Elite versions are always available.
  • BLPS Live – This version provides clients with weekly group coaching sessions for 12 weeks, client community, and group coaching session replays. This is perfect for the client who thrives in a group environment that provides support, motivation and focused.
  • BLPS Elite – This version included the 3-month Live cohort participation and 12 months of masterminds, resulting in 15 minutes of dynamic coaching, accountability, and training, resulting in reaching the growth stage of your business faster and more efficiently. This is perfect for the client who wants to make big gains quickly and understands the potential ROI that Elite service provides.

What if I don’t like the program? Communication is key. Share with me why you don’t like the program and how it can be better. Often times problems may be easily addressed.

I’m not sure if I will be successful. Regardless of what version of the program you enroll, communication is key. If you feel overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, or downright angry, someone else does as well. So speak up! Clients have access to a growing community of support and motivation. The community is moderated, so your questions are never left unanswered. Clients also have the option to purchase single coaching sessions to help gain clarity, motivation and eliminate confusion.

How do I know your program is legit?

This program was created as a result of years of getting it wrong and learning how to get it right. Due to these steps, today I make 5 figures a month and I’m scaling as we speak.

Follow the link to listen to my success story testimonials. Today both of my 2020 success stories are making continuous revenue each month with programs that make a positive impact in their client’s lives and are authentic to who they are. 

Read other testimonials from other clients I’ve worked with.

BLPS Success Story Testimonials

Rolande S Sumner is on a mission to help women veterans in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Rolande is kind, full of…

Jackeline Johnson, CEO of InDemand Career Development Group

Thank you to my fellow Veteran Rolande S Sumner for helping me clarify a few goals. You coached me right into some…

Celeste Bethell Purdie

Working with Rolande has been life changing. Her professionalism and compassion is amazing. She has supported me through each step…

Elmis Navarro

Before working with Rolande, I was frustrated with no one to really listen and provide objective feedback. After my first few sessions, I learned how to think through the noise in my mind; that I truly knew what I wanted to do. She helped me modify my thinking so I would doubt myself less and instead take action. I learned it was okay to make shifts in the plan and not to feel insecure about it. My time with Rolande resulted in a laid-out plan, peace of mind in the process (journey) and confidence in my decision making.

Amanda Beauchamp

I’ve known Rolande for the past few years; she is a caring, well organized, and creative person. A few months back, I co-organized a dinner for International Women’s Day. Rolande was on the panel along with 3 other women to discuss the struggles and achievements of being a woman in business. She talked about her experiences and gave great advice to the attendees. Rolande is very knowledgeable and inspirational.

Maria Amore

Company A FSC 178 Engineer Battalion South Carolina Army National Guard. I believe we met in 2006. Great NCO, Human…

Wendell C. Rachel

Invest in yourself and the legacy you want to build. BLPS, helps you build the launching pad for your business. It sets you up for success. Sign up

Yeside Davis

Do not wait another day, because it will be one more day away from achieving your dream. With all that BLPS will give to you, along with your determination, success is inevitable.

LaTorcha Polati

If you are on the fence, I would say join the program. Not only do you have accountability, but we have easy access to Rolande. We can send emails, we can call, and she answers the phone. It’s very encouraging that we have group coaching and one-on-one coaching. She gave us structure and a foundation. Business Launch Prep School is the group program to join.

Ann-Marie Hamilton

Below are a few resources to help you along the way.

Women Starting New Coaching Businesses Facebook Group: Join this new FB group and receive live videos, tips, tricks, methods, and more on how to strengthen your new coaching practice and make a good living.

Business Launch Prep School Podcast: Business Launch Prep School (BLPS) Podcast is a podcast for newly certified coaches interested in creating their own practices. I discuss pricing, mindset, business filing, sales, and more.

Business Launch Prep School (BLPS): Business Launch Prep School (BLPS) Live is a faith-based 6-month small business start-up development course specifically for women who want to create purpose-driven service-based businesses.

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