Our History

Life After Service Transitional Coaching LLC was established in 2018 to aid and empower women veterans to start and build their dream businesses on their terms via the Business Launch Prep School (BLPS) program. BLPS trains and coaches women veterans how to develop strong foundations for their businesses and life outside of the military, by getting in touch with their personal values and verbalizing their real desires.

In 2019, the corporate division was developed to serve the veteran-friendly organization in retaining their great veteran talent. The Triple-A Approach, three primary programs, were created to acclimate, advance, and align veterans to the employers for which they work.

In 2020, LASTCo entered government contracting on the local, state, and federal levels, providing training, speaking, coaching, and mentorship services to various sized organizations, with a specific emphasis on professional development, leadership development, and HR consulting.

Our Mission

Rolande’s 5-year mission is to help 1,000 new women coaches create real freedom to make more money, have more time, and have more impact, so they develop generational change, build a legacy, and have more fun.

Our Values
Our Vision
  • We help our clients based on Christian business principles.
  • We encourage our clients to be 200% authentic in their lives and business.
  • We believe that entrepreurship is a great vehicle to claim autonomy over life and work.
  • We inspire our clients to be leaders who think out the box and take action.
  • We treat others with compassion and understanding, providing them the room to discover who they are and what they truly want.
  • We assist our clients in discovering their God-given purpose.

Rolande’s vision is to make a global impact on women in business development, as well as, being a large contributor to the reduction in the wealth gap between women and men.

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