About LASTCo

Powdersville, SC 29642

Our History

Life After Service Transitional Coaching LLC was established in 2018 to aid and empower women veterans to start and build their dream businesses on their terms. Via Business Launch Prep School (BLPS) women veterans develop strong foundations for their businesses and life outside the military by getting in touch with their values and verbalize their real desires.

In 2019 the corporate division was developed to serve the veteran-friendly organization in retaining their great veteran talent. Three programs were created to acclimate, advance, and align veterans to organizations for which they work.

March Forward Acclimation Program (MFAP) is a full-day workshop that facilitates veterans and their direct supervisor bond, communication, and acclimation to each other and the organization.

The Protégé Accelerator program is a leadership intensive designed to develop the leadership and management skills of mid to high potential veterans identified for future advancement within your organization.

The Phoenix Development program is a course correction intensive designed to align veteran termination candidates with your organization’s culture, mission, and vision. Termination candidates leave the program more engaged, more productive, and processes the skills necessary to continue to be a contributing member of your organization.


LASTCo’s passion is to enable veterans to live authentic and full lives in their businesses and careers. Commercially, we assist veteran-friendly organizations retain their good veteran new hires, resulting in a healthier bottom-line, enhanced veteran engagement, and higher veteran retention rates with our Triple-A Approach.

Privately, we assist aspiring women veterans to create their business from scratch with our 12-month online program Business Launch Prep School (BLPS), resulting in strong sustainable businesses that honor their values and accommodates their dream lives.


L – Leadership: Provide guidance and support with integrity.

A – Autonomy: Assist stakeholders in claiming control over their lives with confidence and bravery.

S – Security: Inform stakeholders that financial stability is their birthright.

T – Teamwork: Be an example of genuine collaboration and community effort for the greater good.

Co- Compassion: Treat others with kindness and understanding so they will thrive.

“We will continue to use Rolande Sumner to work with our induction teachers as well the other teachers in our district. Having someone like Mrs. Sumner work with us is a natural lift. She empowers our teachers and they leave feeling ready for the students and parents.”

Carol Brooks, Induction Coordinator, Anderson School District One