BLPS is a faith-based 6-month small business start-up development course specifically newly trained veteran women coaches who want to create their businesses from concept to launch; resulting in businesses that provide the autonomy, emotional, and financial freedom they crave.

Have you made the exciting decision to start your own business? Do you already have an awesome idea or need some assistance in finding one?

If you’re like me you may even have signed up for up a gazillion ways to make money-like a direct sales business (or two!), or a side hustle, selling handicraft items or even taking surveys online??? Been there done those!

Ask yourself this? Are you truly making a profit or are you just engaged in a high-priced hobby?  Or are you still chasing every shiny object (read: income source), that is presented to you. I mean, there is so much information out there- how do you know what to do first, or at all even?

Just don’t know what you want?? Have an idea that is not producing revenue? This can be very overwhelming to even the most successful entrepreneur so don’t be embarrassed- they started with help too.

And, know that I get you……i get all the frustration and overwhelm, I was just like you at one time.

Imagine running a business that doesn’t feel like work or even worse, a job!

You will feel satisfied, rewarded and successful- and …liberated. Now, how nice would that be?

Imagine if you will:

You are aligned with God’s will and making money doing it.

No more…….distractions from your true purpose in life.

No more…….fear of making the wrong choices for your business.

No more…….doubt that you were meant to be creating a passion-based life.

No more…….wondering if you are doing it right?

No more…….trying to figure it out all by yourself

No more…….wasted time and money…. (well maybe a little, we all make mistakes!)

By the way, mistakes are not failures, they are lessons! Learn that and you will never fail again.

I got clarity on what my business would be by having sessions with Rolande. After becoming clear, she was then able to help me with how to get an initial offer together and how to engage my audience and prepare them to receive my offer.

Yeside Davis, CEO of The Literary Alchemist LLC dba Getcho Bliss

Here is the course outline so you can see the incredible value (and the unbelievably low price) you can get it all for…. Get a ton of value with either of my Programs, not to mention direct access to me!

Fundamentals – $5,000

(Receive a $250 discount when you pay the full amount in one payment. Payment plans are available. )

This 6-month program covers the essentials of creating a strong business concept, creating your brand, and planning your launch. Fundamentals includes live one-on-one and group coaching sessions, along with virtual learning modules, learning materials, and guidance as you legalize, launch, and monetize your new business.

  • Discover your personal dreams and values.
  • Discover your target market, service they need, and barriers to entry.
  • Discover the important elements of your brand.
  • Create your first program and offers.
  • Develop your launch plan.
  • Set up maketing plan and tools such as website, social media, etc.
  • Head shots and Bio
  • Business Filing
  • Tax regristration
  • Business Credentialing
  • Intellectual Property
  • SBA Regristration

Success Stories

Yeside Davis

Ms. Davis is the proud owner of The Literary Alchemist LLC dba Getcho Bliss, where Yeside is an Intimacy Doula, who loves all things sex, sexuality and intimacy. With her capacity to heal and provide sacred spaces for women, she’s able to guide them to improved sexual-spiritual health.

  • Primary NAICS: 611430 - Professional and Management Development Training | LASTCo | BLPS

LaTorcha Polati

Minister Polati is the proud owner of Determined Steps LLC, a company that provides spiritual coaching and support to trauma stricken women. You may find her weekly panel discussions at

This isn’t for you if….

  • You are not interested in a business partnership with God.
  • You are not wealth conscious and aren’t willing to learn how to be.
  • You are not willing or able to focus on your business.
  • You think you know everything already.
  • You are currently working with a business coach, mentor, or consultant and are seeing awesome results.
  • You are not into self-improvement.
  • You are too afraid to “change” and grow.
  • You are too afraid to invest in yourself.
  • You only care about making money and not making an impact in this world.
  • You are not willing to put in the work or too lazy to do so.
  • You don’t take responsibility for your actions, it’s always someone else’s fault.
  • You refuse to be held accountable for your failures and successes.
  • You do not want to grow spiritually, personally, and professionally.
  • You do not want to have a successful, profitable, passion-based business, and an outstanding quality of life.

If one or more of these sounds like you then it may be time to do some re-evaluating of what you want out of and for your life. Read on to see how much you can learn in my Programs.

This is for you if….

  • You understand that overnight success is not overnight at all really.
  • You are wealth conscious and understand that there is enough abundance for everyone.
  • You are ready to put in the time, effort, and money required to build a successful company.
  • You know that get rich quick schemes do not work.
  • You understand that there is more to life than working a 9-5 job.
  • You understand that you cannot simply learn all this by yourself but need someone who has been there to guide you.
  • You are tired of chasing new and shiny objects and opportunities.
  • You are ready to transform yourself and your life and develop to your full potential.
  • You need or want to be held accountable for your actions and inactions.
  • You believe you have something to offer and can make an impact on the lives of others (or even just 1 life…!).

It is my belief that accountability is an essential part of any coaching program. Did I mention I am a Veteran of the US Army- I mean, I know a lot about accountability!!! As your partner in success I will do my best to ensure you design the life you have always wanted.

Why Did I Create This Course?

Because I wanted to help others get on the road to financial freedom. I want people to avoid the pitfalls I and others have gone through.  I want to save them time and money and help them build a network of transformative people.  

You need to be clear on the “W’s”- and an “H” and a  “Y”, that is the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why of your business. I started one of my business without this knowledge and it cost me time, money and more than a little of my self-esteem. Don’t’ be like me, hire me!

This course is important to you because you are freaking tired of being tired. You are ready to create your own company and successful brand on your own terms.. but not alone, I am here to help with it all.

The Business Launch Prep School is THE way to get to the important things in life, and to a life of abundance. Isn’t that what you want- to be free to run your business from anywhere?. You want to start your dream and know that it represents more than money, bling, and status. Making a big impact to others matters! Even if you only touch a few lives, you have transformed these people forever!


Invest in yourself and the legacy you want to build. BLPS, helps you build the launching pad for your business. It sets you up for success. Sign up

Yeside Davis

Do not wait another day, because it will be one more day away from achieving your dream. With all that BLPS will give to you, along with your determination, success is inevitable.

LaTorcha Polati

Rolande’s professionalism and dedication to assisting me in reaching my goals was evident within minutes. With her guidance, I have…

Angelina S.

Before working with Rolande, I was frustrated with no one to really listen and provide objective feedback. After my first few sessions, I learned how to think through the noise in my mind; that I truly knew what I wanted to do. She helped me modify my thinking so I would doubt myself less and instead take action. I learned it was okay to make shifts in the plan and not to feel insecure about it. My time with Rolande resulted in a laid-out plan, peace of mind in the process (journey) and confidence in my decision making.

Amanda Beauchamp

I’ve known Rolande for the past few years; she is a caring, well organized, and creative person. A few months back, I co-organized a dinner for International Women’s Day. Rolande was on the panel along with 3 other women to discuss the struggles and achievements of being a woman in business. She talked about her experiences and gave great advice to the attendees. Rolande is very knowledgeable and inspirational.

Maria Amore

Company A FSC 178 Engineer Battalion South Carolina Army National Guard. I believe we met in 2006. Great NCO, Human…

Wendell C. Rachel

Business Launch Prep School Summer 2021 class launches this June.

Sign up to the wait list to learn of updates and promotions leading up to the launch.

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