March Forward Acclimation Program (MFAP)

MFAP Train-The-Trainer Virtual Certification

The March Forward Acclimation Program (MFAP) Train-The-Trainer Workshop teaches human resources and veteran employee resource group professionals how to effectively conduct the MFAP Full-Day Workshop. The course is a virtual certification . Attendees will receive robust training with learning materials, breakouts, and a practical assessment. Successful attendees will walk away with a certificate of completion, digital support, and the knowledge necessary to facilitate the relationship development between the veteran and the direct supervisor.

The Retention Savings Chart below demonstrates the potential savings you can experience if you prevent 5 new hires from leaving prior to their first anniversary. Organizations lose 1/3 of a new hire’s salary when they leave prior to their first anniversary. This does not include the 1%-2% loss from annual revenue.

You can’t afford to not participate in the MFAP Train-The-Trainer Workshop.

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