Episode 4: Fair vs The Same – Why fair is not equal to the same and how confusing the two will cost you. Women Veteran's Leadership Podcast

Not too long ago, I was coaching a client concerned that she wasn’t being fair enough to all of her direct reports. When I asked her what fair looked like, she replied each direct report would receive the same training and specific resources for development. This initial thought makes sense. Parents gave each sibling the same type of candy and clothes in childhood. There are few opportunities as we grow into adulthood where the demonstration of “fair” isn’t equated to “the same.” However, in leadership development, fairness doesn’t mean the same. The same for everyone can be harmful. In a diverse workplace, sameness can offer one direct report the necessary knowledge and skill for advancement. That same approach will not benefit another direct report with the demonstrated knowledge and skill for the same advancement. Instead, fairness in leadership development means offering each direct report what they need to take advantage of the opportunities available to everyone. Subscribe to recieve more podcasts on leadership.  — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/womenveteransleadership/message
  1. Episode 4: Fair vs The Same – Why fair is not equal to the same and how confusing the two will cost you.
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