Professional Communication During Stressful Times Training

I had to honor to train first year teachers at Anderson School District 1 about communicating professionally during stressful times. The class focused on acknowledging, validating, and normaling parents concerns. Many subtopics were discuss, such as the effect of racial tension, COVID-19 pandemic, political atmosphere and other influencers that impact a parent’s point of view and reactions.

Keynote at PVMS Veteran’s Day Celebration 2018

PVMS Keynote

Rolande Sumner was a guest speaker at Powdersville Middle School Veteran Day Celebration in 2018. She spoke about her journey into the military and how it lead her to fulfill her life’s goal of advocacy. She encouraged the students to not enlist because it was the right thing to do, but instead combine their intuition and education to live a life they would be proud of.