Business Launch Prep School (BLPS) – Case Study August 2020


Client: Yeside Davis, CEO of The Literary Alchemist LLC dba Getcho Bliss
Sponsor: Same as client
Primary NAICS: 611430 – Professional and Management Development Training

August 2019, Yeside Davis enrolled in Business Launch Prep School (BLPS), a live annual virtual small business startup course and coaching program, to learn how to start a business. Yeside is a mother and community development program employee. She wanted to start a business but felt stuck in the person she thought everyone wanted her to be, instead of the person she really was. After completing the 12-month BLPS program, including online curriculum, group coaching sessions, one-on-one coaching sessions, and implementation days, Ms. Davis is the proud owner of The Literary Alchemist LLC dba Getcho Bliss, where Yeside is an Intimacy Doula, who loves all things sex, sexuality and intimacy. With her capacity to heal and provide sacred spaces for women, she’s able to guide them to improved sexual-spiritual health.

“Invest in yourself and the legacy you want to build. BLPS, helps you build the launching pad for your business. It sets you up for success. Sign Up”

Yeside Davis


Before enrollment Yeside was unclear about the foundational components of successfully launching a business. Among the ambiguity, was the person she hid away. Yeside, is a practicing Hoodoo follower with a talent for writing, editing award-winning books, tarot cards, and intimacy healing. Until joining the program, she had not freely shared this part of herself with many people as she was often treated as if she were “different”.

As a result of not being clear about developing a successful business foundation as well as not feeling free to be 100% herself, she lost opportunities to make money at something she loves. Most importantly, she felt inhibited and emotionally stifled.

Q&A with Yeside Davis

What factors influenced your decision to enroll in BLPS?

“The concept that BLPS would result in me being ready to launch at the end of the program.” – Yeside Davis

What actions did you take during the program to obtain the results you have?

“I got clarity on what my business would be by having sessions with Rolande. After becoming clear, she was then able to help me with how to get an initial offer together and how to engage my audience and prepare them to receive my offer.

What mindset, emotional, and personal hurdles did you have to overcome to get your results?

“I had to shift my mindset around pricing, marketing, automation, and all the technical aspects of a business.”

Yeside also developed personally. She started to open up and be more herself. As a result, she felt free to truly discover what she really wants to do. Initially, she wanted to edit books and help authors create authentic books that won awards. As she personally developed she discovered that she wanted to heal and provide sacred spaces for women. She wanted to provide a space for women to heal from trauma and the unfair stigmas placed on them by society.

12 months can feel like a long time. What prevented you from quitting when the journey was hard?

“Rolande was great at encouraging me, and helping work out issues surrounding why I wanted to quit and helped me refocus.”

What results have you earned from the program?

Today Yeside makes regular revenue every month.

“I have since gotten an LLC, better understand DBAs, trademarking. I have a signature program for Getcho Bliss and a customized launch plan I can follow for my future projects.”

Ms. Davis has also had a thriving 8-week program called Nectar, helping women to physically and mentally prepare the body, minds, and souls to experience a truly personal pleasure.

What lessons have you learned?

“Keep going, be flexible, stay focused.”

What prescription or recommendations do you have for women who are undecided about enrollment?

“Invest in yourself and the legacy you want to build. BLPS, helps you build the launching pad for your business. It sets you up for success.”

In your opinion, what is the next best step for anyone interested in the program to take now?

“Sign Up!!”

*Life After Service Transitional Coaching LLC dba LASTCo claims no liability or responsibility for the success or lack of success of it’s clients. Clients are given support, resources, and knowledge to become successful, however, the decision and work is ultimately up to them.

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