Anderson School District One

I am writing this letter on behalf of Rolande Sumner who recently spoke at Anderson School District One’s Induction Teacher Seminar. This is not the first time Ms. Sumner has worked with our teachers. We have brought her back because the message she brings is vital to having a successful school year both physically and mentally.

She talks to the induction teachers about respect, adversity, truthfulness, self-help, and dignity among other things.  She lets the teachers know that teaching is not easy; that you have challenges daily, then gives them coping strategies to deal with the situations.  Through a message of love, she brings confidence to all of them.  Her presentation is high energy and full of crowd participation. 

We will continue to use Rolande Sumner to work with our induction teachers as well the other teachers in our district.  Having someone like Ms. Sumner work with us is a natural lift.  She empowers our teachers and they leave feeling ready for the students and parents.  

I would highly recommend Ms. Sumner for any program dealing with teachers and students.  She is a forceful and dynamic speaker and truly an inspiration to all of those who hear her message.

Carol Brooks
Induction Coordinator
Anderson School District 1