Our Mission and Values


LASTCo’s passion is to enable veterans to live authentic and full lives in their businesses and careers. Commercially, we assist veteran-friendly organizations to retain their good veteran new hires, resulting in a healthier bottom-line, enhanced veteran engagement, and higher veteran retention rates with our Triple-A Approach.

Privately, we assist aspiring women veterans create their business from scratch with our 12-month online program Business Launch Prep School (BLPS), resulting in strong sustainable businesses that honor their values and accommodates their dream lives.

LASTCo® Values

L – Leadership: Provide guidance and support with integrity.

A – Autonomy: Assist stakeholders in claiming control over their lives with confidence and bravery.

S – Security: Inform stakeholders that financial stability is their birthright.

T – Teamwork: Be an example of genuine collaboration and community effort for the greater good.

Co- Compassion: Treat others with kindness and understanding so they will thrive.